‘The Future Rise of Women Entrepreneurs’- Highlights

The evening’s talk was on The Future Rise of Women Entrepreneurs. This video shows highlights of the a discussion that was organized by GABA Women in Business Group.

Poornima Vijayashanker, Founder, Femgineer and BizeeBee, Axel Schultze, Founder, Society3 Startup Accelerator, Shirley Gee, Managing Partner at Angel Plus, LLC, Kaylie Milliken, Producer, Prost Productions, Inc., Constanza Nieto, Founder & CEO, Globaltech Bridge, Moderator  –Angelika Blendstrup, Ph.D., Principal & Founder of Angelika Blendstrup & Associates    Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter , Web, Social Portal

STEAM Camp For Girls

Community Bridge Video and Tech Liminal are offering another week-long camp for middle school girls interested in STEAM. Featuring hands-on activities, this is a great opportunity to encourage your middle school child to pursue interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

Girls will create content for a website about their experiences and….

  • Program HTML & CSS to customize web pages.
  • Make wearable electronics to light up clothing.
  • Explore the mathematics of origami.
  • Creative writing and doodling for the website blog.
  • Build and play with Minecraft.
  • Make a hyperlapse movie.
  • 3-D print a cookie cutter

Dinosaurs and a Raspberry Pi

One of the Isle of Wight’s most popular attractions – a horde of animatronic dinosaurs! had a makeover last week (10th- 11th October) with a Raspberry Pi. This video is a general overview of how the two day event went.

Staff at Blackgang Chine, (where the dinosaurs roam around) were instructed by Lucy Rogers, and Neil Ford on how to hack the electronics the Dinosaurs came with using a Raspberry Pi. Taking inspiration from staff member Mark Butler who had already successfully got the T-Rex working on a Pi, a group of enthusiastic would-be hackers sat around and learned how to use Node Red for the code running it on a Raspberry Pi.

MzTEK and Guerilla Science: Hacked Human Orchestra

MzTEK joined forces with Guerrilla Science, Shauna Concannon (PhD Media Arts and Technology Engineer) and artists Kobakant to design wearable instruments. In a weekend workshop, women spent a day reproducing  electronic instruments and sonic soft-circuits to produce the most amazing Hacked Human Orchestra EVER!
I made this video as part of my Artist In Residence position at The Centre for Creative Collaboration on June 30th 2012. You can see this video on Guerrilla Science’s website here.

Spatialised Instrument – Misha Smith

I was employed by Fulcrum TV to make a short video about Misha Smith’s Music Machine, also refered to as Spatialised Instrument as part of a pitch to the BBC in the hope of securing a commission to make a documentary about him and his wonderful construction. The film was made over a period of weeks and is one of the more involved kinds of video I make. Misha’s project is a flexible, sonic architectural series of structures that explores and questions the relationships between instrument, player, composer, audience and location. It is a musical instrument, an event, an installation and a sonic landscape. It is currently installed at The Centre For Creative Collaboration (C4CC)

Novalia Interactive Poster – Kickstarter Video

Novalia is an award winning technology company based in Cambridge, UK. They combine conductive print and capacitive touch to create smart surfaces that act as sensors and speakers. They wirelessly connect the digital world to the physical through the touch of your fingertips. They wanted to raise money through  Kickstarter and I filmed their pitch.

British Council and a Bacon Sandwich

“What has the British Council Ever Done For Me” was a film made  for Counterpoint who are the cultural relations thinktank of the British Council. I was asked to interpret the brief in any way I chose to and this film is the result of my interpretation. This film was part of the Tuttle Club ‘British Council at 75’ project and was screened at the ICA on December 3rd 2009.  I personally knew very little about the British Council myself which got me thinking about whether or not others knew as little as I did. This piece not only reflects my interest in video as a means of communication and as an art form but also my interest and experience in Market Research too. I also made an alternative video using myself as the subject in many guises. The video can also be viewed here.