|Why Video|

In the next few paragraphs I will talk about:

Why your businesses can  benefit from online video
Why video works so well
How you can produce your own video output.

Does your business really need to have video up online and why?

Well it works for one! If you want to engage your audience then there are a variety of ways you can do so: write articles, run competitions, have interesting visuals on your site and/or have a video up that they can watch.

Youtube is now the second largest search engine in the world. That means people will search Youtube for content on a subject they want to know about as a second choice next to a Google search. That pattern of behavior results in there being are over 1billion searches on YouTube everyday and that is reason you need to have video content up online. It is now a customer’s expectation that you will do so and if you are not, there a great chance that your competitors are.

Video is a cheaper marketing option than it used to be. Distribution of information before the internet was a costly business. Companies would burn DVD’s and then pay for them to be delivered to customers, now they can put images and video up online and depending on which platform you decide to use the cost is very little and in many cases free.

Why Exactly Do People Respond So Well To Video?

 Susan Weinschenk Ph.D knows.   Susan is an author and leading speaker and has consulted for US brands including Walmart and Disney.  She believes there are four core reasons why humans enjoy watching videos, I suggest you watch her presentation here but here is my understanding of what she is saying with respect to why video is so appealing to us.

We respond to faces: We have a special part of the brain that is attracted to faces, it is called the “fusiform facial area”. It is sensitive to human faces and so faces capture our attention. That part of the brain is also attached to an emotional part of brain and so if you can see someone’s face you are not only  paying attention but you are also connecting on an emotional level too.

Voice gives us clues: As video is both audio and visual we can convey meaning in our voice. Different pitches and tones can convey different messages, it is a rich area in which we can convey a lot of information.

Emotions and feelings: You  can convey  passion and enthusiasm in a video that is not always clear in written information and emotions such as passion, enthusiasm, caring, concern – whatever your message is – is much more effectively communicated through video.

Movement: Humans pay attention to movement in their peripheral line of vision. We programmed through years of evolution to pay attention to movement. As video has movement however subtle,  we engage with it – we have  no choice but to pay attention.

Making Your Own Videos

I would always advice people to hire in a professional videographer so they have at least  one great, thought-out video in place, however, I actually advice my clients to produce their own video content too. There is always something to capture on any given day,  and so getting into the habit of documenting it yourself is great. It means you have constant, up-to-the-minute message going out. For that reason, I offer training in how to make your own in-house videos. I have produced a couple of videos that I hope will guide you if you decide to make your own video content,  there are few overlaps in the content in each but many have found them very useful. Top Tips For Making Video and Tips for Shooting With A Webcam.

In Conclusion

Video works, and it works well. You can hire someone like me to make them for you, or you can hire me to train your staff, either way  please do contact me with any questions you have about hiring my services. I am not always able to help with recommendations for cameras and software, there are many, many places on the internet that can though if you do a search. Fortunately, the web provides several innovative options that can assist you in making video for web output and in the case of Bravo they offer a platform to help you manage any user-generated content you might have.

1. Animoto
This innovative format  has brought online video to a new level of simplicity. By using Hollywood-quality backgrounds, edits and motion formats, you just drop in video or still images, select music from the library or  add your own and you’re done! What comes out is a great looking video perfectly timed to the music and ready for embedding or distribution.

2. Bravo Video
Bravo lets customers record, review and send their videos to you. Then, you can approve and place these user-generated videos on your website, blog or wherever you’d like. The real beauty of Bravo is how convenient it is to capture and optimize testimonial videos.

3. Screencast
This format allows you to create videos by taking screen shots and adding your voice-overs. Many are using Screencast for tutorials and software demos. Others are having success talking through PowerPoint presentations to show business models, sales processes and more.


Good Luck
Dd x