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Co Discovery: Smoking

This video uses a technique called Video Ethnography. It was commissioned by the Market  Research company, Wardle McLean  who later re-named it  “Co-Discovery”. I am unable to show you all the work I did for clients, which includes Jack Daniels and one of the top three major banks, because the information obtained is paid-for research. Co- Discovery is a Market Research technique whereby you film someone using a product or service. You then get them to watch themselves interacting with the product/service and ask them to comment on what they see. This results  in a much better insight into their thoughts, processes and decision making.  Added to which, presenting data to a client in the form of  video is so much easier for them to assimilate.  If you would like to see more co-discovery videos they can be found here.   Co-Discovery: London Bankside and Co-Discovery: Shaving