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London Fusion Case Study

The Centre for Creative Collaboration, C4CC  was one of the delivery partners on London Fusion, a tailored programme of interactive and in-depth support for SMEs that work in creative/digital. Anna Cowie from The Pixel Pusher was one such business that benefited from London Fusion. Here she is talking about how the London Fusion helped her grow her business.

Smartwork Company

Dr Ann-Marie McKewan, from The Smart Work Company came to me needing a video that would explain who she was, and what her business had to offer, so we worked on her ‘message’ together.  Ann was clear about what she wanted to say but was stuck for great visuals to get those ideas across, it can be a little tricky finding images that illustrate concepts but I think we did really well. You can read a testimonial from Dr Ann McKewan here.

POLYply: The Score

Experimental poetry night POLYply returns with The Score, an event which explores the relationships between poetry, music, dance and performance, including works based on compositions by Erik Satie and Alvin Lucier. The evening features work and performances from Julie Brixey-Williams, Libby Worth, Will Montgomery, Steve Willey, Manfred Werder, Elizabeth Guthrie, and Brigid McLeer.

Cute Circuit: WMC 2009

I was asked by Mobile Monday in-conjunction with the UKTI (formally known as the DTI) to film businesses at World Mobile Congress 2009 in Barcelona. Here the Minister is talking to CuteCircuit a company that make wearable tech (and very well I may add). I also filmed Palringo and Airborne Networks at the same event.

Co- Discovery: Shaving Foam

This video uses a technique called Video Ethnography. It was commissioned by the Market  Research company, Wardle McLean  who later re-named it  “Co-Discovery”. I am unable to show you all the work I did for clients, which includes Jack Daniels and one of the top three major banks, because the information obtained is paid-for research. Co- Discovery is a Market Research technique whereby you film someone using a product or service. You then get them to watch themselves interacting with the product/service and ask them to comment on what they see. This results  in a much better insight into their thoughts, processes and decision making.  Added to which, presenting data to a client in the form of  video is so much easier for them to assimilate. If you would like to see more co-discovery videos they can be found here.   Co-Discovery: London Bankside and Co-Discovery: Smoking.