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‘The Future Rise of Women Entrepreneurs’- Highlights

The evening’s talk was on The Future Rise of Women Entrepreneurs. This video shows highlights of the a discussion that was organized by GABA Women in Business Group.

Poornima Vijayashanker, Founder, Femgineer and BizeeBee, Axel Schultze, Founder, Society3 Startup Accelerator, Shirley Gee, Managing Partner at Angel Plus, LLC, Kaylie Milliken, Producer, Prost Productions, Inc., Constanza Nieto, Founder & CEO, Globaltech Bridge, Moderator  –Angelika Blendstrup, Ph.D., Principal & Founder of Angelika Blendstrup & Associates    Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter , Web, Social Portal

Novalia Interactive Poster – Kickstarter Video

Novalia is an award winning technology company based in Cambridge, UK. They combine conductive print and capacitive touch to create smart surfaces that act as sensors and speakers. They wirelessly connect the digital world to the physical through the touch of your fingertips. They wanted to raise money through  Kickstarter and I filmed their pitch.

London Fusion Case Study

The Centre for Creative Collaboration, C4CC  was one of the delivery partners on London Fusion, a tailored programme of interactive and in-depth support for SMEs that work in creative/digital. Anna Cowie from The Pixel Pusher was one such business that benefited from London Fusion. Here she is talking about how the London Fusion helped her grow her business.

Stabby Man

You may not know but I not only do I make video but I also work as an Artist and just one of the items I have made is Stabby Man.  Stabby Man is a very silly felt fabric man I made and sell on that site. You can stab Stabby Man in the underpants and his eyes will light up. Heart Man on the other hand is much sweeter, to get his eyes to light up all you need to do is squeeze his hand.

Smartwork Company

Dr Ann-Marie McKewan, from The Smart Work Company came to me needing a video that would explain who she was, and what her business had to offer, so we worked on her ‘message’ together.  Ann was clear about what she wanted to say but was stuck for great visuals to get those ideas across, it can be a little tricky finding images that illustrate concepts but I think we did really well. You can read a testimonial from Dr Ann McKewan here.

Cute Circuit: WMC 2009

I was asked by Mobile Monday in-conjunction with the UKTI (formally known as the DTI) to film businesses at World Mobile Congress 2009 in Barcelona. Here the Minister is talking to CuteCircuit a company that make wearable tech (and very well I may add). I also filmed Palringo and Airborne Networks at the same event.