|About Me|

I worked for many years at a Broadcast Journalist in mainstream TV production (BBC, Channel 4, ITV, National Geographic) I  now enjoy making videos for people’s websites, videos that either promote their products, their services or their company.  You  can find my full broadcast resume here.

What to Expect
Most businesses know the value of video on their site, if you want to read more about why video is vital for your business then please refer to my article on WHY VIDEO. It is very important for me to make sure my clients receive a video that is suitable for them. Many companies hear that they now need a video content but are not sure what sort of video(s) they need. I can help you work this out by taking you through a series of questions way before I even pick up a camera.  I start by asked all my clients a series of questions an example of which might be:

– Who is your audience?
– Are you promoting what you do to existing clients or are you trying to reach a new audience?

How Affordable Is It?
Commissioning video is a lot cheaper now than it was when I worked in mainstream TV and occasionally did corporate videos for people. You needed a big film crew and a big edit suite and a long wait. Once the video had been produced you then had the burden of distributing it, you had the cost of  burning DVD’s and then the further cost of  posting them out. People now have a distribution point for their media via the web,  so there is little or no cost in putting videos up on the web and the potential to reach millions is so much easier than it used to be.   With technical advances in sizes of cameras and relatively easy-to-use editing software,  I can offer companies affordable video content suitable for viewing on their websites. I have made videos for many clients including The British Council, British Petroleum and the University of London.

Please do email me if you would like to know more about how I might meet your video  needs: dd@meaningfulmakings.com